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Time to think outside the box and change with the seasons

August 15, 2012 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

When going after new customers or even trying to keep old customers, its only human to pitch or talk about what we are used to selling.  Although, there are many problems with this type of selling.  For starters, you slowly become irrelevant to your customers and will soon be known as a dinosaur or “extinct” to your customers.  That’s why you should always be coming up with new ideas for the Direct Marketing biz.  When it’s getting closer to summer, you should talk about summer things, for example tell your insurance agents about our cool new Motorcycle list or inboard or out board boat list.  Maybe even talk about a newlywed file because more people get married during the summer than in the winter.  When winter comes talk about your online shopper file, or even a new snow mobile owners file.  You, just like the seasons, should always be changing.  When you talk about the same old things, that’s the image you will portray to your customers.  The cool thing about working with your customers besides always trying to sell them, is to make them feel like they are part of your winning team.  They want you to succeed because in a weird way they felt they were a part of it.  It does not matter who you are, people want to feel needed.  So ask your customers as much as possible of their needs.  The feedback you receive will not only make you a better salesperson, but can even strengthen your relationships.


Kirk McCormick


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