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Don’t “Fall” into the Holiday Trap for Direct Mail

October 17, 2011 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

The fall is a perfect time to get in contact with old customers and start fresh with new prospects. People will say all the time that “My” direct mail piece will get lost in the “Holiday” mess, but come the New Year; you will want to start off fresh by being the business that your current customers want to continue working with.  A good idea would be to get in early and send out a mail piece or call on your potential customers before the Holiday rush.  Send out some thank you letters or try and drum up new customers before everyone else does it come January.  Another good idea is throwing out a promotion for new customers to sign up before the New Year.  Always let them know that you will be there come rain or sunshine.  If you are doing any “email” marketing, do it wisely….Do not over send your email message to potential prospects.  When someone starts getting too much, what do they do?  They unsubscribe and cry “spam!!”  You don’t want to have that be your last impression to potential prospect.  I would also recommend that you send a letter or some kind of direct mail piece to follow up with your email. Direct mail is a contact sport and the more touches you get the more sales will follow.

~Kirk McCormick



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