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Social Media Alone Can’t Save Your Business

August 8, 2011 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

Most business realize the potential of social media. Many have thousands of “fans and followers”, but some underestimate the true power of people.  It’s not all about the technology either, it is as much about the democratization of information and equalization of societal influence.  Dedicated information networks are created and as a result, consumers have evolved into a connected and more discerning audience with an audience of audiences.

 How businesses embrace this opportunity says everything about how they view customers and the relationships that begin. How they measure success in this new frontier also says everything about how they value customer relationships. Hearing it this way makes the measurement of likes, followers, views, ect. seem trivial. Businesses must embrace a new perspective, one that will help build a more meaningful engagement strategy for building customer relationships and growing new opportunities.

 -Matt Tarkett


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