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How to get the most out of “Direct mail”

May 2, 2011 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

You know how it works.  Just throw a few post cards in the mail, and see who calls.  Right?  Wrong!

 The beauty of direct mail is that it is so MEASURABLE.  You can test two different creative approaches – to see which copy platform works better.  Or if size or color makes a difference.  You can test different lists to see if one gives you a better response.  And you can test products and offers.  For example, is your cost of giving something away “FREE” offset by the additional business it generates?

 Anyone can just send a post card or letter and hope for results but you really need to measure your marketing response rates. You should always keep your marketing efforts going, but make sure that you are carefully evaluating all aspects of the responsiveness of your campaigns.

 There are endless combinations of lists and creative approaches to try.  Just think about WHAT you are trying to sell, WHO are your most likely prospects to buy it and HOW is the best way to present your sales message!

 ~Kirk McCormick


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