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Automotive Marketing – The Ever Changing Consumer

April 18, 2011 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

As we all grow older and our life takes on different meanings, our priorities tend to shift and we spend our hard earn money differently.  Your brand message should stand up to the test of time and ring true with all people in all chapters of life. Auto dealerships pride themselves on the fact that they’ve been around the longest.  They’ve probably sold to your parents and your parent’s parents.  This branding message is very strong because you can’t argue with the statement and whatever comes with it holds some degree of perceived truth.  Or the “we’re the biggest in the land” with acres of cars.  Again, perceived truth automatically tags along with these statements.  These two examples hold the test of time, no matter if you’ve just graduated from high school and have earned your first car, finally got that first great job and can afford to reward yourself, just got married and must now get rid of that sports car to ready yourself for the family vehicle, or just divorced and need a new change. People’s attitudes change their buying decisions, but a good branded message stands the test of time buy appealing to all people, in all walks of life.

The face of direct mail for automotive marketing has really evolved over the years. Many dealers are faced with dwindling used car inventories and are using “buyback” mailers to bring in good quality local trades. This type of mail piece may include a photo of the used car being prospected, this type of personalization has proven to be very effective. From the photo’s you use on the mail piece, to the language and put in front of these potential car buyers, the copy and message is key developing relevant communication that ultimately touches these people better than your competition.  

– Matt Tarkett


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