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Full-Service Marketing Agency in Omaha

March 21, 2011 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

Dundee Data Direct, A  Full-Service Marketing Agency in Omaha

If I were to ask someone, Are you on Facebook?  And they answered, What’s Facebook? You might get this response from me, What rock have you been hiding under?  I know, I know, lame cliché right?  I apologize, I’m full of one-liners and I tend to overuse them.  Just ask my wife, she’s heard them all.  But, I wanted to start my blog this week with the simple cliché about “being stuck under a rock” because it really encompasses everything I want to share this week about Dundee Data Direct and what marketing agencies have to do today in our inflated technology world. 

There’s a great enthusiasm for social networking, mobile applications, and You-tube viral videos today.  Personally I’ve been drawn in.  I use Facebook to keep in touch with family out of state, and friends I’ve moved halfway across the country from to reconnect with.  I have all the updated mobile applications to keep me accessible to my clients as well as my kids busy in a crowded doctor’s office.  Moreover, I use You-tube just as much as Google to find information these days not to mention a good laugh.  So you have to understand my dismay of those who are not networked socially. 

I became very aware that my business, Dundee Data Direct, needed to use social networking and internet marketing over a year ago.  I started blogging, creating a Facebook page, updated my linked-in accounts and started sharing videos about my marketing agency, Dundee Data Direct.   It took time but after a few months, I had followers, responses, feedback, and new opportunities.  I was sucked in.  It was then My Social Pub was created. 

My Social Pub is an extended service of Dundee Data Direct.  We are now a full service Marketing company that helps small businesses get positive results from direct mail, e-mail, and/or Internet Marketing programs.  My Social Pub uses the internet to help you stay in front of your clients through social medial, video production, and blog management.  We specialize in search engine optimization and website/social media development.    Essentially we offer a grass roots approach to public relations.  We want to be Omaha’s Marketing firm for small business and non-profit organizations. 

We approach social and internet media marketing as a three step progress, our ABC’s of marketing:  Advance, Build, and Customize your mission. 


We develop and deliver content and videos to your chosen digital platform.  We provide a professional referral network.  We upload any special events, notifications, and promotions at your request continually promoting your mission.


We utilize strategic URL naming to promote searches and to be found on the internet.  Our content articles use keyword optimization.  We link all sites together to gain momentum with Google and other ISP’s.  Lastly we produce videos to optimize company exposure.


Our grass roots PR approach is to service your needs.  We don’t buy articles from internet; we don’t specialize in one niche market.  We meet your specific needs.  We don’t offer packages we offer all our services.  We provide a variety of marketing options for our customer’s to best fit their business needs.  We develop new and creative media marketing tools that reflect the uniqueness of your organization, available for changes and growth. 

Don’t get stuck under a rock.  Be seen, be heard! Use social media to your business’s advantage.  How many views can you get on You-tube highlighting your business’s products and services?  Reach out to where customers are today, on social networking sites, you-tube, and their iphones.  You won’t find them under a rock.  Use a marketing agency that can give you a customizable approach to marketing that is affordable, relevant, and established.  Dundee Data Direct is please to say, we are now a full service Marketing agency in Omaha that can offer all your marketing needs: lists, data, campaign creation, fulfillment services, and internet marketing.

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