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Knowing Your Customers

February 17, 2011 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

If I told you I can help you increase your R.O.I on your next marketing campaign would you keep an open mind?

The options for marketing today are growing by leaps and bounds.  There are so many ways for a company to gain exposure these days.  One can do print and mail, telemarketing and email campaigns to gain customers, thank/reward your current customer. One can also reach new customers communicate with current customers via face book and twitter.  All these marketing techniques are exciting!!

We enjoy helping our customer use any or all of these techniques.   I think one thing is very important and sometimes overlooked when companies begin marketing, and that is knowing who your current customers are.  Many times people think they know who their customers are, but when we take their current customer list and do a profile for them, they find out their customers were not who they thought they were and they don’t demographically look like they thought they looked. They learn so much more about their current customer base. I love doing these profiles for my clients, because not only can we find many attributes of their customers, but now we can tailor our marketing campaigns to reach those people, and speak to their “sweet spots”.  And as an added bonus we can also see who are NOT their customers are, and figure out the best way to reach those people as well to increase their customer base. It is a win-win scenario.  If you are interested in knowing more about your current customers, please contact me today, I will be happy to help you out!! I love what I do and I love building Mutually Beneficial Relationships!! In the interim stay warm and well my friends!!

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