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Are you Hunting for the Right Customer?

November 19, 2010 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

Marketing Tip #1 BE SEEN YA All!

Can you hear me saying that with the strong southern accent? I can. Pretty soon I will be available for a cameo on Swamp People. It is important you have a brand and share it. In today’s digital world your brand can be at the click of a button through your website, You Tube, Facebook, and/or Linked In.  Add this social media presence with direct marketing efforts such as mail or email marketing and your name and mission are at the fingertips of millions of people.   According to Pew Internet and American Life Project, 74% of American Adults use the Internet now.  We communicate differently to each other today.  Your communication to your clients is enhanced by these products as well as Interactive video and blogs. You need to be out there, in the digital forest, in a bright orange vest and hat to be seen.

Marketing Tip #2 KNOW YOUR TARGET!

I failed on this point as a hunter. My only target that day seemed to be avoiding misquotes and scaring the Deer. However, in the Marketing world just like the hunting world, you need to narrow in on your target. It is very important to make sure you spend your marketing dollar on the right offer for the right consumer. I recently have been receiving mail for Black Entertainment….hello? Mom? What do I need to know? I have over 10 plus years in the list business, which gives me valuable contacts and credible sources.  I can help you find your target group and become available to them through various marketing platforms.  Don’t let my cat-like reflexes fool you, I can narrow in on even the tiniest of consumer targets.

Marketing Tip #3 HAVE A PLAN

What are you doing now? Do you have a plan on how you want to market? Your marketing plan needs to have content.  You need to reach the  public via numerous social and web related platforms to allow your business/agency exposure. Optimal exposure for your company comes from producing customized platforms based on your goals.   A plan assures you at dusk each day, that your target is being approached, informed, and served, so you can take in the sunset.


It is important you have your marketing strategy down on paper, budgeted, and followed through upon. If you are not actively using your marketing plan someone else is. Do you want to be the guy swatting misquotes or the guy hunting the deer, stay focused, stay on track, and stay in front of your customers.   In today’s marketplace you cannot just find your customers, you have to earn their respect.  This takes time.  Patience and Branding help today’s businesses become credible.    Think of it like this, we spent years and years (and dollar upon dollar) on advertising our products/services.  Today, 78% of Consumers trust peer recommendations, and only 14% trust advertisements.  Check out  http://socialnomics.net/2009/08/11/statistics-show-social-media-is-bigger-than-you-think/   about today’s consumers.  So how do we get those recommendations from today’s changing consumer?  Put yourself out there where people are talking and searching: in blogs, You Tube, Facebook, etc.  Follow up with direct mail pieces or email marketing campaigns.    

Be aggressive with your tools you have. Dundee Data can help you use those tools and become the alpha hunter.  You have to be pressing, pursuing, and  scouring for new business and new relationships.  And remember, hunting for the perfect Marketing Company is just as challenging as hunting your first deer.  Dundee Data can offer all marketing platforms: direct mail, internet marketing, and social media marketing. Call Jared, the Urban Hunter today!

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