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Crowd ID

July 12, 2010 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

Imagine if you will. You’re sitting at a baseball game. Second inning, your team is ahead by two runs. The announcer or scoreboard comes on with a message: “Text your seat number and what you think the score will be at the end of four innings to 5555 and win two tickets to next week’s doubleheader”.

Now take your imagination a step further. Dundee Data has a revolutionary new product on the market – CROWD ID — that can track:

1. Who texted
2. That person’s age
3. That person’s income
4. Whether or not they have kids
5. And much more

Assume now the majority of the responders have kids and have a higher than average income. By the fourth inning, the scoreboard can announce free “bobbleheads” for the kids, an ad can be run for season tickets (this crowd can afford them!) and the winner of the tickets to next week’s doubleheader.

Sports teams always know who buys season tickets. But many of their seats are filled by people who came along with the season ticketholders, people in groups, tickets given away as gifts, single game purchasers, people using the season ticketholders’ tickets. In other words, the team owners have no idea who many of the people are in the stadium.

But Crowd ID can change all that. In fact, you not only know who is attending, but you know a variety of other demographic facts about the attendees. Facts that can be put to good use in future marketing campaigns.

How? Crowd ID draws on some of the nation’s largest consumer databases. Upon receipt of the text message, the respondent’s cell phone number is matched against the databases and instantaneously translated into useful marketing data. To make a targeted offer right away, and to save the information for promotional efforts down the line.

Dundee Data is very excited about this new product offering. Whether for you or your clients, call or email us today and we can share more information with you!

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