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April 12, 2010 • Dundee Data • Dundee Data News

Insider Secrets To Create a Viral Web Video by Jared Wright
So what exactly makes a web video ‘go viral’ and spread across the web? More importantly, how do you make a web video that leads to increased sales? There’s no need for expensive production or professional editing – with a $150 Flip Camera and $99 Pinnacle video editing software, you can make your own viral web video and enjoy 1,000,000+ views on YouTube. However, for business, it takes more than a laugh to make your video a marketing success. Here are my 4 secrets to make a great web video to grab the attention of your audience, spread virally across the web, and help you create better business relationships so you sign new clients, find new customers, and increase sales.

1. Be Educational – Solve Their Pain

As a service professional, teach your viewers how to solve a pain in their life. You’ll see tremendous success when you follow the PAS System – Identify the Pain, Agitate the Pain, then Solve the Pain. In other words, communicate you understand the concerns of your audience, teach how leaving their pain(s) unchecked will further their aggravation, then communicate your solution with specific action steps.

Also, run a survey on your website, call your clients, or perform smart market research to identify the concerns, needs, and goals of your target audience. As you help visitors live a better life or run a more successful business you’ll become their trusted adviser, compete on value rather than price, and be the invited guest (not the annoying pest) for a sales presentation.

2. Be Entertaining – Keep Their Attention

Please, don’t be Ben Stein in your videos. You may have the most wonderful solution to help your prospects relieve pain in their life, however, if you can’t capture or keep their attention – no one will watch your video. So how do you be entertaining? Show Me Passion! That’s it. You can shoot simple A-Roll video (continuous, straightforward shot), in bad light, without any planning, and still entertain your audience with authentic passion, emotion, and excitement.

Now – on an advanced level – you can film a skit or layer humorous B-Roll to your professional A-Roll to keep viewer attention. Remember, these are advanced video techniques and are only recommended once you master entertaining A-Roll.

3. Be Compelling – Take Action Now!

Remember, you’re here for business – get your viewer to take action. For most, if not all videos to go viral – asking your view to pull out their credit card and hire you will sabotage your success. However, if you ask viewers to forward your video, leave a comment, or download your FREE Report, you’ll start a conversation with an interested prospect that will lead to your eventual hire.

The key is provide a soft call to action; never, EVER ask your viewer to directly do business with you – that’s for your ‘Why Hire Me’ video, promotional email blast, or sales video. Here’s a great script methodology to end your web videos correctly: “So, if you have any questions or you’d like to learn more – join me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, send me an email, or leave a comment on my blog. See you next time!”

4. Be Remarkable – Make a Comment

Your video must be worth making a remark about. “Wow, that’s cool” or “Bob, you really need to check this out.” You want people to talk about you, forward you to their friends, and make a comment about your interesting and insightful ideas. The ‘remarkable’ concept was made famous by Seth Godin in his best-selling book Purple Cow.

As the story goes, he was driving on the interstate with his daughter in farm country and passed a herd of cows. Initially, his young daughter was excited to see the cows, but as the trip went on, she lost interest. However, if the cows were purple, as Seth thought, that would certainly command her (and his) attention, wouldn’t it? Being remarkable is the concept for his book – it’s a fantastic read I highly recommend to help you succeed at the highest levels of marketing. What’s the purple cow in your business? What commands your prospects to stand up and take notice about your business? Buy Purple Cow by Seth Godin on Amazon.com.


So, the next time you make a web video for your blog, keep these 4 secrets to viral success in mind. Remember, there’s no need for any fancy camera work or expensive video production. You only need to use your creativity to communicate your ideas in an entertaining way that’s interesting for your audience. Before you post your video to the web, show it to a few friends and watch their face. If they smile, lean in, laugh at times, and say “that’s cool – you have yourself a winner! Have questions? Leave a comment, follow me on Twitter, join us on Facebook, or send me an email at jared@dundeedata.com

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