Automotive Lists

The ideal customer is one who is searching for the service provided by a car repair shop or center. This client will return, not only with problems, but also for routine issues like maintenance. The problem for the new repair shop, or the established owner who tries to re-establish a base, is discovering that pool of new business that can generate this loyalty. A mailing campaign not using automotive lists, that encompasses too wide a group, is a waste of time and financial resources, while more targeted automotive mailing lists can be sent to people who are more inclined to use the service at least once, putting a business in a position to become a favored place for repair.

The Need to Know

There are many car dealerships and service repair centers that have in the last few years found themselves having to re-establish their base of customers. The reasons are many, including those former clients who have left the community, to those who have had to make financial changes. The loss of one group of customers dictates the need to find more potential clients through automotive lists. The new business is in a similar position of having a need to generate interest and build a base of potential new customers, through the use of targeted automotive mailing lists.

Reasons to Gain New Knowledge

One method that’s not recommended in generating new automotive lists is to simply depend on a general group, such as an entire neighborhood or town, as this isn’t cost efficient. Mailing in too wide a group with automotive lists can also generate interest among those who are not really the market a business is looking for, in having among them those who are difficult to provide service for, or who have vehicles that are non-serviceable.

Finding Better Data

Those companies who put together information for purposeful automotive lists, such as Dundee Data, have experience in aiming advertisements toward potential customers who are the most likely to have a genuine interest. These types of targeted automotive mailing lists can target customers who have specific models, years, and makes of autos. They can also target those who have multiple vehicles, and will be more in need of maintenance packages or certain products. When a list targets specific individuals who meet a certain criteria, it is easier to establish contact, and find those who are motivated to try a new business, or an established one which is reaching out to new customers.

Reasons to Avoid Aged Automotive Lists

New lists, or lists generated for businesses per their own needs, are more likely to have correct and valid data. Older lists that are sometimes placed for sale from those in the auto business are typically aged, and will not have the most up to date information. Automotive lists that are generated from several known sources, such as companies selling insurance, or through recent phone records, have a better chance of producing information that will generate interest among new customers in need of auto repair services.