Auto Targeted Mailing Lists

Automobile Lists

Automotive repair shops and dealerships have long used automobile lists to satisfy the need for directed advertising. For some, the experience was not what they hoped it to be. It is important to note that the problem could be with the data in targeted auto mailing lists, and not the method of mailing. Simply developing a list from general, and easily gained data not only starts with too broad a focus, it might also duplicate the efforts of thousands of others in the same business, working in the same area. Developing a stronger and more specific set of facts regarding the people who should be on the lists can create a better advertising campaign.

Focused and Directed

Before targeted automotive mailing lists can be directed to customers, these individuals must be sought. Those who have the most potential to have a desire for a new or pre-owned car or truck need to be sorted out from those who won’t be interested. Here is where a too generalized list can be a problem, as it squanders time and effort, coming at a cost with little return. The better the specific data found in automobile lists, the better the chance of finding a larger number of potential clients or customers responding.

True Data

Experienced providers of automobile lists understand that real data comes from a number of sources at a time. These sources can be sorted, to find the information a client needs, to cast a spotlight on a promising group of customers. Companies such as Dundee Data develop auto mailing lists from multiple sources, and use information such as credit scores, bankruptcy, and auto lease expirations, which formulate positive leads. The more detailed a search, the emptier, unusable information is replaced with more focused, clearer data. This doesn’t necessarily mean a smaller group is the focal point of automobile lists, only that these auto mailing lists are more practical, and will offer greater results.

Hot Leads

Those people who should not be excluded from automobile lists are known as hot leads. These are individuals who have applied for an auto credit check in the last 24 hours. These automobile lists are the best for point of marketing, including electronic or email notifications. This is a chance to speak to a customer who has a definite desire to purchase a vehicle. For anyone offering service to cars and trucks, this is also a chance to form a positive impression with an owner of a new or pre-old vehicle, which might need servicing in the future.

Pre-screening and Automobile Lists

Certainly un-screened automobile lists will not yield the results of data that is careful gathered, sorted, and ready to for a specific use. In the past, automobile lists that sent flyers, mailings, or other forms of advertising would not have had the ability to always engage a customer at the right time, and offer this individual a better reward in visiting the dealership. The ability to use pre-screening offers those salespeople wishing to contact ready buyers, a base of targeted automobile lists that can be used in a variety of ways to reach those ready to listen and make a purchase.

Automotive Lists

The ideal customer is the one who is searching for the service provided by a car repair shop or center. This client will return, not only with problems, but also for routine issues like maintenance.

Automotive Direct Mail

The best sales come when someone arrives already interested in the vehicles you have available and ready to talk to you.

Direct Mail Auto

When you work in the automobile insurance industry and rely on sales to provide your income, you need every possible advantage you can get.