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Consumer Databases

With contact information for more that 200 million consumers and 104 million households, this database offers the most comprehensive consumer data available. Base files along with hundreds of demographic and lifestyle selects are available.


  • 4,300 telephone directories
  • Mail Order Buyers/Subscribers
  • Real Estate Information (deed & tax assessor)
  • Voter Registration Data
  • Magazine Subscription Information
  • Survey Response
  • Postal service information including NCOA, ZIP+4, carrier route and Delivery Sequence files

Select consumer prospects by:

  • Location – ZIP Code, Radius, City, Metro Area, County, Area Code, State
  • Estimated Household Income
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Housing – Estimated Home Value, Home Ownership, Dwelling Type, Mortgage Indicator
  • Presence of Children, Seniors, Ethnicity
  • Mail Order Buyers
  • And more!

What can I expect
from this consumer database?

This data is updated from new sources on a monthly basis. However no list is perfect, and you should keep in mind that some percentage of non-deliverable names may result.

Business Databases

Our Business Database includes over 15 million businesses. We can provide the freshest business lists and sales leads. It is compiled from multiple sources, and is telephone verified to assure that you receive only the best and most accurate data. Included is nearly every business, no matter how large or small. If it is new businesses you are after, look into our new business database with over 1.6 million businesses added annually.


  • Yellow Page and Business White Page Directories
  • Millions of phone calls to verify information – every business is called one to four times a year
  • Leading business magazines and newspapers
  • County Courthouse and Secretary of State information
  • Annual Reports
  • SEC filings
  • New business registration and incorporations
  • Postal service information

Select business prospects by:

  • Type of Business – Yellow Page Heading, Major Industry Group, SIC Code or Professionals (doctors, dentists, etc.)
  • Business Size – Number of employees or sales volume
  • Location – ZIP Code, Radius, City, Metro Area, County, Area Code, State
  • Credit Rating
  • Location Type – Corporate Headquarters, Headquarters of a Subsidiary, Branch, Franchise
  • Key Contact/Executive names or titles

Is your business
database verified?

The information is continuously updated from new directories and is phone verified. It is extremely accurate, however no list is perfect – a small percentage of undeliverable names should be expected.

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