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An unfair truth is that it’s possible to work very hard and get few results. The better plan can be in forming smart solutions to problems, such as marketing. Using marketing tools like consumer mailing lists through only one method can offer some results, but utilizing such information in multiple ways can yield better and faster results. Consumer mailing lists can go beyond the ordinary response, if they are compiled with more information and used for multiple purposes.

Finding Better Data

Getting in touch with companies that generate data from many sources and offer centralized approaches to creating consumer mailing lists is a better start to having multiple use consumer mail lists. Data can be compiled from sources, such as bankruptcy information, actual credit scores, legal judgments, business files, service files, or Internet-generated email addresses. From this, not only can directed mail marketing campaigns flourish, but other necessary follow-ups are easily accomplished by using this type of information. It is also possible for many different types of businesses to take advantage of such data, from those in automotive repair, to real estate sales. In having better data, it’s possible to attract, and work with new customers faster.

Smart Uses of Data

Having complete consumer mailing lists also offers a company the use of information that can be used to rethink older plans and methods of doing business. If data illustrates that more clients are in a certain geographic area, it is possible to not only direct mailing lists, but to also work on other methods of focusing concentration to this area. Another economical use of consumer mailing lists is having several ways to contact a consumer. In looking at the selections possible for finding or compiling consumer mailing lists, there should be multiple contact methods available.

Using Multiple Contacts in Consumer Mailing Lists

Hot leads, or those potential clients who are the most likely to be in need of services very soon or within a set period of time, present a problem for the traditional consumer mailing lists. Those lists that offer alternative contact information, such as telephone numbers and email addresses, give a company an important edge in immediately addressing the individual’s need or interest in a product or service. Sending an email that includes direct information, such as the price of product or a company’s ability to better aid a consumer, can make a difference in this individual’s future purchases.

Smarter Mailing Resources

In using consumer mailing lists, relationships matter. Having a quick way to send out postcards, brochures, and pamphlets all create a smarter, less time consuming effort for using consumer mailing lists. Jump starting those relationships is possible by using experienced marketers. Dundee Data has built relationships with letter shops, copywriters, designers, and printers, passing along faster access to these services to their clients. Often the more efficiently timed marketing campaign is the more successful. Development of the marketing strategy to its conclusion should be with more efficient solutions, and less misdirected effort.